Jitsutech offers Hosting on Canadian Servers!

Jitsutech understands that data privacy and security is important to Canadians who are building online surveys, quizzes, forms or polls. We are the top choice with Canadian organizations or professionals who are looking for an intuitive application with sophisticated and versatile functionality. With over 40 years experience, our team of evaluation and information technology specialists are poised to help you achieve your research goals while maintaining a high level of data privacy and security.

Who is Jitsutech?

Jitsu Technologies Inc. is a group of professional Evaluators, Information Technology and Support Specialists who have over 40(+) years experience. Our group is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and we pride ourselves in assisting change makers in Municipalities, Evaluation Societies, Eductional Institutions, Marketing Organizations, Health Services, General Businesses, Non-Profits, Travel and Tourism sectors all across Canada.

We are proud to offer a Software Platform including Surveys, Quizzes, Forms and Polls as well Hosting on Canadian Servers. Jitsutech is well known for its great Customer Service and Intuitive User Interface that is very easy to learn. If you need assistance, we are just a email, support ticket or phone call away to help.

Whether your a novice or expert, we have the functionality and excellent Pricing Plans.

Our commitment to privacy

Jitsutech does not use Cookies or track IP Addresses. A cookie is a small file stored on a computer by a web browser when using some internet sites. Cookies can also store non-Personal information. Jitsutech does not link non-Personal information from Cookies or IP Addresses to a User’s or Respondents Personal Information.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to review Jitsutech Privacy Policy.

Something you should know

Our primary goal is to empower change makers and change researchers by illuminating ways to make the world a better place through social responsibility, environmental stewardship, ethical business practice, community and cultural sustainability.

A recent success story

One of our most recent success stories includes helping a Non-Profit:

“Thanks so much for giving us the tool needed to survey our members at George Park Community Gardens. We’re a small community garden and finding out what the grassroots want is sometimes difficult. We had some lovely feedback from our members.” ~ Laurie

Our vision

“The world’s leading research marketplace and provider of the most instantly effective suite of tools for self-service researchers”

Our mission

  • Provide the most comprehensive suite of universal, useful and innovative market research tools;
  • Build an extensive and accessible network of researchers, opinion leaders and service providers;
  • Offer the best customer service in the online research marketplace;
  • Widely share Jitsu Innovations and display consistent thought leadership; And
  • Build the leading Canadian Hosted Survey, Quiz, Form and Poll Software.


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