We offer a great variety of Reporting Tools

With a click of a button, we can provide you with effective data visualizations that can assist you in making important decisions faster. One of the many benefits of our Reporting suite is the ability to grasp large amounts of data very quickly and in a number of different ways. Take a quick view of some of the different ways that we can assist you with data visualizations.


MS Excel or SPSS

Download your data into MS Excel or SPSS by Actual Text Answers or in Numerical Values. Either way, Jitsutech is convenient for those who would like to conduct sophisticated Data Visualizations for document or presentation purposes.

Bar Chart

A visual representation that can show us a distinct comparison between values, with a bar representing each separate value. Also, a great way to showcase Nominal or Ordinal scale data.



Box Plot

A visual representation that can show us how data is spread out and how much variation there is among raw values.  It highlights the minimum, maximum, median, quartiles and any outliers.


Wait, we've got more features!



Pie Chart

Area Chart

Open Text


Line Chart

Bubble Chart

Summary Stats



Column Chart

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