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Mobile Responsive Surveys

Jitsutech surveys are mobile responsive. This offers an individual the ability to answer a survey between meetings, while waiting for the bus or on a lunch break with a Smartphone or Tablet. The benefit includes higher response rates and real time analysis that helps you act, and react quicker than ever to emerging trends.

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Program Evaluation

Do you conduct evaluations in Government, Non-Profit or Health Sectors? Uncover the underlying truth by using Jitsutech secure SSL survey links and protect sensitive information.

 Customer Satisfaction

Are you a small, medium or large business owner? As on ongoing pledge, listen to your customers feedback about your current products or services to maximize revenues.

 Employee Feedback

Do you assess employee satisfaction, feedback or exit interviews?  Get the most out of your human capital by creating positive employee relations and a positive work environment.

 Graduate Research

Are you a Bachelor, Mastery or PhD student? Gain quick Research Ethical Board approval by confidently stating all respondent data on Jitsutech is hosted on Canadian Servers.


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What People Are Saying

"I was impressed with both the ease in which one can use the software,
but also with the user friendly helping options and the ease
in which their professional staff could be accessed."

− David, Social Worker

"I was very pleased with the services provided by Jitsu Technologies on a recent client project.
If you are conducting surveys in the Canadian market this is the on-line survey provider you need to be contacting."

− Jean, Research Consultant

"Jitsutech has been instrumental in designing and delivering web surveys to City Managers, Officials and Residents that measure city wellbeing. We recommend Jitsutech as a partner in generating Evolutionary Intelligence for Human Hive wellbeing and eco-region resilience."

− Marilyn, Director

"As a recent MBA graduate and current Executive Director at Humber Students' Federation, I have used Jitsutech and would recommend this Canadian Survey Software. It is very easy to use, has great functionality for new learners, or mid-high level users."

− Ercole, Director

"I would like to mention that I am so impressed with your team and the support I received when I had questions about downloading results, forming graphs, etc. It was outstanding and I would recommend your program to others!"

− Tory, Mastery Student

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