You can create your own custom surveys very easily. This includes simple questions such as Multiple Choice, Numerical Response or Rank Order and more complex questions such as Likert Scale, Constrained Matrix or Semantic Differential. Jitsutech fully Web 2.0 workspace guides your process through all necessary steps with easy to use Drag and Drop!


Publish a SSL Secure survey link in the Workplace, Twitter or Facebook in a snap. Also, you can import contact emails and other information about people you want to answer your survey, or build these recipient groups right in Jitsutech; either way, Jitsutech sends out requests to respondents with built-in e-mail, and controls who can answer your survey.


Once the responses are in, keep working right in Jitsutech to statistically analyze those responses and present the results in reports, including display charts and graphics. Jitsutech makes professional analysis and presentation straightforward, including data export for use in standard formats such as SPSS or MS Excel.


Wait, we've got more features!


Drag & Drop

Easily drag and drop questions into the white area, add in desired content and add, delete or modify question choices with ease; add aesthetic appeal with bold, italics, underline, colors, images, pagination, randomization, branding and custom url.


Respondent Privacy

The built-in Informed Consent component facilitates needed disclosure to and consent from respondents. This works in conjunction with built-in opt-out functionality and other features to provide for managing survey recipient & respondent privacy.

Conditional Logic

Use Skip Logic or Conditional Logic to move respondents forward into sections of a survey. Simply map out your entire survey and add in branching so respondents only see relevant questions based on previous answers with SSL Security.

Copy Templates

Create any template within Jitsutech and those questions will be at your disposal at any time. Simple use the Copy from Survey function and build new surveys’ follow up surveys or longitudinal surveys at any time. This make building a survey library very fast and easy with AODA Compliance!


White Labeling

Quickly and easily add information or Branding regarding your research organization with optional survey headers and footers containing text and your logo. Any survey (or survey format) created and saved then automatically becomes part of your account’s survey library.

Sophisticated Reporting

Use our Canadian Hosted Survey Tool to build surveys, get responses and create automatic reports. Depending on the subscription that you have purchased, Jitsutech can make automatic reports or allows you the ability to create customized Quantitative or Qualitative reports!

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