Jitsutech offers an intuitive Survey Platform!

Why use multiple software applications when you can simply use our Software Platform? We can provide you with a sophisticated application with an intuitive user interface to build Surveys, Quizzes, Forms and Polls. Save time, money and decrease the learning curve by switching to a Canadian Hosted Software solution while receiving the best customer service in the online research marketplace.

You can build your own custom Survey Templates very easily. This includes simple questions such as Multiple Choice, Numerical Response or Rank Order and more complex questions such as Likert Scale, Sum Slider or Net Promotor Score. Jitsutech Web 2.0 workspace fully guides your project through all necessary steps with an intuitive application design!

Survey Design Benefits:

  • Scientific Analysis
  • Multiple Languages
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Respondent Anonymity
  • Free & Informed Consent

You can create simple Contact, Market Research or Event Registration Forms very easily. Ask questions like name, phone number and address or demographic question like age, gender and ethnicity. Also, you can follow up your Responsive Form with a quick Survey to gain an understanding of the sign-up process. Obtain the raw data and connect with clients real-time!

Responsive Form Benefits:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Collect Payments
  • Real Time Feedback
  • Social Media Web Links
  • Marketing Data Collection

You can create great looking Quizzes or Assessments very easily. This includes True/False, Single Answer, Multiple Choice and more complex questions such as Matching, YouTube Video and Fill in the Blank with Scoring Capabilities.  Also, you can Publish a SSL Secure Quiz or Assessment link in the Classroom, Workplace, MeetUp, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

Assessment Maker Benefits:

  • Instant Scoring
  • Fully Customizable
  • Training & Learning
  • Fun Trivia Challenges
  • Measure Patient Outcomes

You can quickly make an Opinion Poll and embed it into your Website or Blog very easily. Whether it is a Two Choice or Multiple Choice question, you can create a Poll to acquire general public opinions or to gather scientific information about demographics such as gender, income level and polictical affiliation. The benefit is the ability to make quick decisions.

Opinion Poll Benefits:

  • Determines Public Perception
  • Tests Levels of Acceptability
  • Guaging Comprehension
  • Weekly Market Research
  • Asking Sports Trivia



Wait, we've got more features!


Intuitive Design 

Easily add questions into the white area, enter in desired content and add, delete or modify question choices with ease; add aesthetic appeal with bold, italics, underline, colors, images, pagination, randomization, branding and custom url.


Respondent Privacy 

The built-in Informed Consent component facilitates needed disclosure to and consent from respondents. This works in conjunction with built-in opt-out functionality and other features to provide for managing survey recipient & respondent privacy.

Conditional Logic 

Use Skip Logic or Conditional Logic to move respondents forward into sections of a survey. Simply map out your entire survey and add in branching so respondents only see relevant questions based on previous answers with SSL Security.

YouTube Video 

Create a sophisticated template and add a YouTube Video question at any time. Simply use the Embed function and enable self-paced learning tutorials with follow up surveys, quizzes, forms or polls to gain useful insight.


White Labeling 

Customize a project to match your organizational branding. Add in a unique website URL, corporate logo, background colour and specialized font styling. With a White Labeling plan, no one will ever question your credibility.

Sophisticated Reporting 

Use our Canadian Hosting to build surveys, quizzes, forms or polls, get responses and create automatic reports. Depending on the subscription that you have purchased, Jitsutech can make automatic reports or allows you the ability to download to .SPSS!

Our Intuitive User Interface Cuts the Learning Time by 50% Start Now